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Prigogine's shadow activity
A big investigation about the activities of Prigozhin
On June 15, an investigation into the activities of Yevgeny Prigozhin was released on the French TV channel France 2.

President of Asylum Research & Global Assistance Brave Sergey, and the whole team, took part in the preparation of the main materials for this investigation and starred in this film!

See the full investigation here

You can consult other materials provided in writing. In particular:

▪️website and reports of the All Eyes on Wagner team

▪️U.S. Treasury Department press release detailing Prigozhin's assets

▪️Global Initiative to Fight Transnational Organized Crime report on Wagner in Africa

▪️report from Stanford University

▪️indictment against Prigozhin, his employees and companies of the US Department of Justice

▪️memo of the NGO "Center" Dossier "about the contracts of Prigozhin's companies with schools and the Ministry of Defense of Russia

▪️researcher Kevin Limonier's map of the international activities of the Prigogine Galaxy

▪️an article by researchers Colin Gerard and Maxim Odne about Prigozhin's media propaganda in the Sahel