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Europe is an incredibly attractive region to live and work, and France is a country with a unique culture and magnificent architecture, offering endless opportunities for development in the educational and entrepreneurial fields. A huge number of Russian citizens dream of permanently moving to this country, motivating their choice not only with a favorable economic climate, but also with a unique cultural history that has remained attractive for many centuries.
Analysis of world practice
Within a short time, Sergei realized that it was urgent to leave the country. He was first put on the federal and soon on the international wanted list. At the same time, the lawyer was informed about the application of a penalty in the form of arrest in absentia for a period of two months already upon the fact of the decision.

Sergei went to Spain, where he lived for about 1.5 years. Then, at the request of Interpol, Sergei was detained and placed in the Detention Center of the city of Alicante. The process of extradition to Russia was initiated against him.

However, the evidence of Sergei's guilt, presented by the Russian Prosecutor General's Office, turned out to be ridiculous for the Spanish Themis. The entire evidence base of the investigation was based on the recording of one anonymous call.

As a result of lengthy proceedings, Sergei managed to protect his good name, Interpol removed his status as an international wanted man. Later he received political asylum in France. Sergei was not afraid to publicly speak with a damning interview, in which he honestly spoke about the colossal corruption in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, in which Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was personally involved. After the publication of the interview, requests for the arrest of Sergei were again sent to Interpol, which were initiated by the security forces at the request of Shoigu and his deputies. But these attempts were in vain.

Human rights activities

The president of the association has gained tremendous experience in terms of protection against unfair extradition, exclusion from the Interpol lists and obtaining political asylum.

Realizing the importance of continuing the fight against the Putin regime and the growing scale of political persecution in his homeland, Sergei devoted himself to human rights work. He founded Asylum Research & Global Assistance in order to use the competences of the international human rights community to help the victims of repressions and bring closer the day of the beginning of a new, democratic era in Russian history.

In 2022 and early 2023, with the help of our association, more than 35 cases were formed for obtaining political asylum in France. Among them are cases of individual victims of repression, as well as of entire families, when several people are under protection at once.

A separate part of the work is devoted to those who refuse to become accomplices in crimes in Ukraine. There are provisions in the European Union providing for the protection of those persons who do not wish to participate in a war that violates international law. The association has already provided assistance to dozens of young people who fled the forced mobilization. Each such person is a failed soldier for Putin's army and a step forward towards the victory of Ukraine.

Another area of ​​our activity concerns the protection of Russian entrepreneurs. In particular, at the moment, work has been completed to protect against criminal prosecution, international search and extradition of 12 entrepreneurs from Russia. One of our main principles is the confidentiality of the people we provide assistance and assistance, so we deliberately do not mention names.

Research activities

At the moment, members of our association, colleagues from French law firms and specially invited experts are conducting research on various topics on topical issues of human rights.

Among them is a monograph that analyzes the specifics of the research activities of international organizations in emergency situations, including against the backdrop of an unfavorable military-political situation.

The team of authors seeks to identify and generalize new vectors of analytical work of the main international organizations in the conditions of the war unleashed by Russia on the territory of Ukraine, as a new challenge for integration processes and international law.

The focus of our research team was the formed methodological approaches and results of the scientific and analytical activities of the Council of Europe, its bodies (the European Court of Human Rights, the Venice Commission, the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice), the European Union, international financial centers in emergency situations. It will also cover the issues of adaptation of the judiciary to the unfavorable military-political situation.

Будут приведены и основные аналитические документы, принятые рядом международных организаций в условиях развязанной Россией войны на территории Украины. На русском языке данные документы будут опубликованы впервые.

The results of this research work can be used by scientists and practitioners, teachers of higher educational institutions, students, undergraduates and graduate students of the faculties of law, economics, political science and international relations.

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