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Europe is an incredibly attractive region to live and work, and France is a country with a unique culture and magnificent architecture, offering endless opportunities for development in the educational and entrepreneurial fields. A huge number of Russian citizens dream of permanently moving to this country, motivating their choice not only with a favorable economic climate, but also with a unique cultural history that has remained attractive for many centuries.

Here are the main reasons for moving:
Assistance with integration when moving
  1. There are several ways to officially become a resident of this country.

  1. Obtaining a document confirming an ethnic connection with France is one of the most common ways. To do this, you need to contact the administrative authority, which will issue the appropriate document.
  2. Family reunification is another option. Children born to French citizens automatically acquire French citizenship. The right to obtain a residence permit also applies to adopted persons. To obtain this document, you must apply and live in France for at least one and a half years.

Close relatives can send their relatives from Russia an invitation for permanent residence in France, if they meet certain requirements. These requirements include:
Successful relocation requires refugee status, which can be granted on the basis of several factors, including racial, religious, or political persecution. In addition, it is also possible to obtain refugee status in case of persecution for activities aimed at the struggle for freedom and independence. All these grounds are key to obtaining refugee status and are necessary for a successful move to another country.
Another way for which you must be a specialist with a European degree of qualification. A foreigner can work in this country if the employer provides evidence that a particular job is not available to a native.

Specialists can issue permits of the following types:
You can obtain citizenship for entrepreneurship in the following ways:
Russian migrants can be sure that the laws and regulations imposed on them are as loyal as possible and ensure the protection of their rights and interests in the new country.
One of the main priorities of the authorities is an effective program for the integration of immigrants, which allows not only to get an education, but also to take language courses and learn to communicate in the local language.
The benevolent attitude of French citizens, who are happy to help the migrants to adapt, is another wonderful aspect of life in this country.
Profit in a certain amount, which is available every month

Living area for one more person

Absence of certain diseases

Proper command of French

No danger to society and order
For labor activity in hired work (for a period or permanently)

For foreigners with special skills and talent (if you are a well-known scientific or cultural figure)

For scarce professionals

Authorization for participating in Au-Pair employment programs

For seasonal workers
Making a business card.

Skills and talents. You can take part in this program if you have an interesting business plan that can bring economic benefits to the state.

Investment programs are available only to those who are willing to invest at least 10 million euros. In France, you can successfully run your business, open a branch of a Russian company, or launch your own startup. But for this you need to write an application to the prefecture and go through the naturalization process. In addition, obtaining a merchant's card requires significant financial investments. However, after receiving this document, you are entitled to a residence permit and can legally become a resident of the country.
Foreigners are given a great opportunity to get a higher education in France at a low cost - the only costs are registration fees and insurance, while many educational institutions receive state support. Thanks to this, after completing the course, students have the right to work in prestigious French companies. However, in order to make the most of this opportunity, it is necessary to study the labor market in advance, analyze vacancies and choose the most suitable options for yourself.
Marriage to a French citizen does not guarantee naturalization, a foreigner will need to collect documentation, take language courses and successfully pass examinations, while you must be married and have lived in the country for at least 4 years.
Children born in France will have an advantage in obtaining citizenship over their peers born outside the country. Also, the possibility of obtaining citizenship will be given to the children of immigrants who were born in France and have been living here for several years. This is one of the indicators that France is open to a multinational culture and ready to integrate its people to the fullest.
Before you go to a new home, you need to think through every detail of the move: choose the best transport company, draw up an accurate inventory of the cargo, issue a power of attorney. But with us you can not worry about such trifles, because our company knows all the intricacies of transporting things to another country. We will help you collect the necessary documents, carefully pack your cargo and deliver it to France. Don't worry about the hassle of getting through customs, we'll take care of it for you. Move in comfort and trust our professionals.
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