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At the moment, members of our Association, colleagues (French Law Offices) and attracted specialists are conducting research on such topics as:
Research activities
The monograph will be devoted to the analysis of the specifics of the research activities of international organizations in emergency situations, including against the backdrop of an unfavorable military-political situation.

The team of authors seeks to identify and generalize new vectors of analytical work of the main international organizations in the conditions of the war unleashed by Russia on the territory of Ukraine, as a new challenge for integration processes and international law.

The focus of the research team was the formed methodological approaches and results of the scientific and analytical activities of the Council of Europe, its bodies (the European Court of Human Rights, the Venice Commission, the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice), the European Union, international financial centers in emergency situations.
The issues of adaptation of the justice bodies to the unfavorable military-political situation will be covered.

The main analytical documents adopted by a number of international organizations in the context of the war unleashed by Russia on the territory of Ukraine will also be presented.

These documents will be published in Russian for the first time.

The results of this research work can be used for scientists and practitioners, teachers of higher educational institutions, students, undergraduates and graduate students of the faculties of law, economics, political science and international relations.
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