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If a Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian citizen is badly needed by someone in their homeland, then you can be sure that they will not leave him alone even if he leaves the country and moves abroad. Most often, the police of the country from which he left are trying to pull the citizen back. And the most common reason why they want to pull him back so badly is to take his business, money, or other property.

If the persecutors are persistent enough, extradition can take a very long time, years. Another way to make the life of an objectionable citizen more difficult is to put him on the Interpol list. In fact, this is an announcement of a person on the international wanted list, sanctions to grab him anywhere if he can be found.

You can get asylum inside a country and live there relatively quietly, but when you try to cross the border or enter another country, the risk of being arrested becomes very high. Therefore, let's talk in more detail about what Interpol lists are and how to deal with this problem.
Who can initiate inclusion in the Interpol lists
Based on the experience of our ARGA Association, it can be said that being included in the Interpol list is almost always associated with political persecution. If only because only an Interpol member state, for example, Russia, can add anyone to this list. And if a state insists on the application of sanctions of this kind against its citizen, then it is simply stupid to deny that this is a political matter.

If your persecutors are not powerful enough, they will never be able to get you on the Interpol list. If this happened, then most likely you have enemies at the very top. There is no need to give up, but you need to tune in to a serious and long-term struggle if you want to achieve the desired result and leave the Interpol lists.

It is important to note that most often the inclusion of a person on the Interpol lists is illegal, even by the standards of the state that initiates this entry. However, most of the CIS states frankly do not pay any attention to legality when it is necessary to return and sue a person. So you have to fight against the entire corrupt law enforcement system. And of course, you can't do this alone. The key to a good result is with whom you will go along your path of struggle. If you do not know who to contact, then this is a very common situation. Indeed, few people deal with such cases, it is not enough just to know the laws at a high level, it is also important to be able to resist the gigantic pressure that will be exerted both on the citizen himself and on those lawyers who will undertake to defend him.

Our Association "ARGA" offers any services to protect a citizen from unlawful prosecution. Only we offer a whole range of measures that can help in this case, starting with defense in court and ending with those measures that will be aimed at personal and property security. We will do everything to resolve the most difficult situations, to help with those cases that most lawyers and lawyers simply will not undertake.
Legal assistance in exclusion from the lists of the International wanted list Interpol
Why "ARGA" Association
We have a number of advantages that lead to the fact that we have no competitors at our level.
Our specialists can easily communicate in any language that is familiar to you. For many citizens who are persecuted in Europe, the very opportunity to discuss their problems with a specialist in Russian or Ukrainian is unique, because most lawyers in Europe are naturally accustomed to communicating in English, French, German, and the use of an interpreter does not allow achieving the level of understanding that is required in the conduct of such complex cases.
Finally, we support our client in any situation, even if new problems arise along the way. In itself, delisting from Interpol is already a serious problem, but most often it is inevitably associated with a number of other problems, such as the persecution of the borrower abroad and the threat of extradition and arrest. So if we undertake to unravel all this, then we cannot do without an integrated approach. And that's exactly what we offer you.
Is it really possible to get an exception from such lists? There are very few such precedents. Initially, only notorious criminals were included in the Interpol lists, who really needed to be found and punished. Later, some countries began to use this tool also for personal purposes, that is, for the purpose of reprisal against their political enemies. The procedure for exclusion from the Interpol lists for any other reason than the capture and arrest of the right citizen has not been developed at all. This greatly complicates the procedure.

At the same time, you need to understand that exclusion from the lists is not an end in itself, and not even the only goal. Most often, a wide range of measures is immediately required to make the life of a citizen calmer, to allow him to do business or other favorite thing without much unrest. In other words, the goal here is not only to achieve exclusion from the lists, but to ensure that even if a person remains on these lists, he can live normally, and not exist in constant fear.
How to achieve exclusion from the Interpol lists
To achieve exclusion from the Interpol lists, you also have to go through the courts. In particular, the "ARGA" Association is ready to appeal against the decision to include a citizen in such a list in the European Court of Human Rights. This judicial body is engaged precisely in ensuring that human rights are not infringed, and after all, persecution through extradition, and even Interpol, is one of the most flagrant violations, especially if a person’s guilt has not been proven at all in the eyes of the European Court.
The next step is to appeal against court decisions. Many court decisions, especially in the CIS countries, are completely unlawful, but it is not so easy to prove this. We will have to go through such a procedure as exequatur, that is, testing the adopted judicial decisions for their compliance with international legal standards.
We will provide representation in courts. Such cases always begin with the courts, and in order to somehow change the situation, you will have to win a lot of court hearings. In addition, such a mechanism as harassment through the courts is often used, that is, initiation of a huge number of cases, so that the persecuted person constantly does this and lives by this. The first thing we will do is we will remove this burden from you and take it upon ourselves.
To do this, we will do the following:
So don't give up, you gotta fight
"ARGA" will provide any assistance you need. First of all, the help that will improve your life from a practical point of view: save you from court hearings, the danger of arrest and freezing money, threatening calls, illegal court decisions, and so on. Applying to the ARGA Association will solve many problems that at first glance seem hopeless.
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